Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Pendants

 This pendant was designed after one of my favorite Christmas movies, a classic: "It's a Wonderful Life". Remember this quote? So please feel free to ring a bell every chance you get 'cause when you do, an angel gets his (or her) wings!

This pendant says it all and He is the reason for the season! Let us not get so wrapped up in all the buying of the presents and getting so stressed out trying to make everything so perfect. Now don't get me wrong, I love getting gifts just as much as anyone else, but spending time with my family is the best part (and my Mama's & two older daughter's cooking)!

I love this piece, it's so cutesy! I love polka dots! Hope ya'll like these pieces. Thanks :)


  1. I really like the pendant from 'It's a Wonderful Life' ...and how you put bells on it :)

  2. Thank you :) Can't wait to see your 12 Days of Christmas crafts!

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  4. I really Love for unto us a child is born necklace because it helps us to remember to not get too caught up in the presents and santa and focus more on Him and the real reason for Christmas!

  5. I have watched the show, but "It's a Wonderful Life" is so pretty! I love it!

  6. The It's a Wonderful Life pendant is so cute. It is my most favorite movie!!! Love it.